squamosa help


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I just got 2 squamosas from Dr. Mac today.I have them under 175w halides placed high in the tank on rocks.They don't seem to be opening all the way.One took a dive off the rocks and ripped his byssal gland off,is he doomed? Should I moved them both to the sandbed?Any suggestions from anyone about squamosas in general?Thanks------Ralph
It is not uncommon for new tridacnids to exhibit a trait called gaping (mantle not fully extended, but the incurrent siphon is open very wide) when placed in the aquarium. That is also alot of light right on top of these clams that may not be used to such intensity. IMO squamosaa do better in the sand than on a rocky substrate, clams will try to move if they do not like the current/lighting etc.... of where you put them. It is possible the clam did not actually rip out the bysall gland and just ripped off some bysall tissue. If it did rip out the bysall gland, death will usually follow within a day or two :(

With Squamosas I like to take an empty half shell from something like an oyster. And bury it about 3/4" in the sand. Then I place the clam on top of it. I push sand up around the sides of the clam to keep it stable, then see what it does.
They like to be in sand, and they like to turn a bit when new.
I often find they still like to attach to something, at least when they are smaller.
Thanks for the replies.I moved them down to the sandbed and put a shell under them as Hammer suggested.They seem much better today.Their color seems somewhat bland,I'm hoping this is do to being stressed out from shipping and hope they will regain it.-----Ralph
How big are they?

And are you feeding them? When stressing almost any clam, they tend not to extend for light that much, so they don't get enough food. So putting extra DT's or Phytoplex is a good thing for them when they are under stress (and good for them anyway).
My one and only squamosa likes to cruise around the sand until it finds something to attach to under the sand (like buried ruble, shells, etc.) Once attached it will stay there for months.

I saw it attach to a leather of mine once, boy was that leather pi$$ed off!