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my Red General doesn't seem to eat, the last time i saw him eat was a dead damsel, about 4 months ago...

i realize that doesn't mean he doesn't eat but, he's acting weird, curling up, and staying that way for days...

i've heard of stuff called formula 1 and 2 for sea stars, anybody have any opions on this stuff?


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What kind of stars? I usually only feed my serpent stars if I have company over, to get them to come out. Otherwise, they find enough to eat. I just feed them regular frozen stuff that the fish eat. They don't need anything fancy.


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so they would normaly hang around dead current spots in your tank?
what does it mean when they start to curl up?

I'm still not sure what type of stars you're talking about. I only have harlequin serpent stars so they're all I really know about. They do hang out in dead current spots in the tank. I think it's more to hang out in the shade, then not be in current. I read somewhere that if you don't provide rockwork or something for them to hide under during the day while the lights are on, that they will die. They'll come out for food though.

Don't know what you mean by curling up. If they grab a piece of food with an arm, it will curl up and fold under the body to bring the food to it's mouth, but then usually straighten back out pretty quickly.


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i have a red knob sea star african or red general...

Oh. Yeah, I'm not familiar with this type. Sorry.