Starfish explosion?


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Hello. I have been noticing these tiny little baby starfish on my aquarium glass for a while. Theyre about the size of a copepod.
I found what I think is some adults under a liverock. About 1/2 -1 inch across. White, skinny arms. Almost looks like a daddy long legs, and not your traditional meaty spider.

Question is do these things destroy my copepod population because I have a mandarin Im trying to keep well fed. Is there any thing else I should be worried about when keeping these starfish.


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They could be mini-brittle stars

I believe they are asterina. Going to do some research on them now.


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There fine as long as there white, and not black. They are scavengers will not harm any thing but algae.


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Theyre deffinetly white. And my assumption was they are algae eaters as well since theyre on the glass eating algae (lol).

I am just concerened about what they eat when they grow up!

I dont have any SPS so no worries there.

I have never had to worry about copepods before but since I got this mandarin I have become concerened.

I let the glass go unclean a week to check out if Im getting alot of copepods and sure enough theres hundreds(visible) on the glass.

Does this mean there are alot in the substrate and rocks?


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They dont grow up. They stay small.


In that case we a talking about different species. The ones in my tank do grow from copepod size to the size of a corn. Theyre white with very skinny arms.


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my fuge is full of them as well as my tank. they seem to be good cleaners. I never noticed anything harmful about them.


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I'm wondering if you might be talking about hydroid's instead of starfish. The skinny arms are why I say this. Do you see them anywhere other than on the glass?


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I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about. Looks like your typical mini-brittle star, except its white. Also, the legs are not "hairy" and the disk in the middle is mabe a little bigger compared to the black/brown mini serpants. I just saw one on a piece of GSP I have in a holding tank and was wondering if it was friend or foe. From what I've read on WWM they sound fine, just like the other mini-brittles.
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