stars and stripes puffer with snowflake?


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I currently have a russell lion and dragon wrasse with a snowflake eel. I am thinking about adding a stars and stripes puffer, however I do not want my blind eel attacking the puffer causing it to balloon.

Will this pose a problem? What is the chances of the puffer blowing up and killing everything with it's toxin? This will be my first puffer, thanks for the help guys. Can the toxin really kill everything in the tank?


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I think puffer flesh is toxic, but I have never heard of them releasing a toxin, I don't think they can do that. S&S get huge, so if this is for the 75 it won't work solely from a size perspective. The eel shouldn't bother the puffer, but if your eel goes too crazy during feeding try stick feeding that helps them stay a little more calm.

The combo you really need to worry about is the puffer/lionfish because puffers and triggers will tear up lions pretty easily by picking at their fins and spines until they are defenseless.


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just for reference, i had to remove a stars n stripes Arothron from a tank that also housed my snowflake...the puffer decided the eel's dorsal was tasty and damaged the eel pretty badly. i 86'd the puffer and fortunately, the eel healed-up.