Started an SPS prop tank: Have many questions


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Ok here's all the specs on my setup

20G Glass tank w/ drilled overflow 1" and drilled 1/2" input (return) from a mag 5 (I know I hate mags too, but I had it laying around for mixing salt)

A 10G sump FILLED with LR and cheato

The Fuge light is a LOA on 24/7 for cheato growth

A small power head in the sump to keep good flow for cheato

(2) 200W Heaters in the sump (It's in my VERY cold garage)

A Tunze 9002 Skimmer

A CA250W SE w/ reflector about 8" off the water surface running on a Hello Lights Electronic Ballast

Eggcrate with multi teirs for frags

35 snails for clean up crew

A Tunze Nano Stream 6025 for flow

A 200 Micron filter sock on the overflow

Weekly water changes with RC's 5G's

Water prams:
Alk 9.0
Temp swings from 77-82 Night to Day
Building an ATO for more stable salinity @ .025

Halides run for 5 hours per day (5:00PM to 10:00PM)

Ok I think I covered everything.
Now my questions..

Every SPS I seem to add to the tank browns out within 3-7 days.
They continue to grow and encrust but are just BROWN.

What am I doing wrong?
Or better yet what should I be doing that I'm not?

Thanks in advance.


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Couple things that I see could be the problem stability being one mag is low imo and the swing in temp could be a problem. Most of all corals going from one envoriment to another tend to brown out until the adjust.

al abaqueta

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Hey there, were these frags shipped prior to [placement in the tank? Alot of times the corals can brown out due to the stress. Eventually though will regain its colors. Another issue is your nitrates are little high. I didn"t get good coloration until I brought my levels down to zero. I used the salifert tests. If you can correct these and just run your system and maintain stability, you'll find that they will come around. Just give it some time. Hope this helps. Al