Starting Nano Cube...what do i need?


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I am starting a nano cube (downgrading my 155 galllon reef)...what equipment do i need? Is the JBL Nano 28g INTERMEDIATE LED good enough?



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I don't have much experience with jbl but if you want an all in one system, from what I can tell it will be fine. I had an all in one system before and didn't like it because everything was cramped. So I got rid of it and got the marineland 30 cube. I found a sump for it that fits in the stand at my Lfs and it's been doing well. All in ones are okay but just not for me. Btw my total system with sump, skimmer and return pump and overflow box was 600 so I couldn't pass that deal up.


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that looks like a good system. I have no experience with them personally but jbj makes good stuff and that one looks even better than what was out when I was looking (about 5 years ago).