stick with 10000K?


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hey guys, its time to replace my first set of bulbs. my 24 gal nano has 2 10000k white + actinic light bulbs. are these the only thing that will run with the stock ballast? i have a tank full of softies and wouldnt mind changing up the lighting.....also is it common that both burn out at the same time? they are over 1.5yrs old. thanks


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change both bulbs. you should change them every 9-10 or12 months or your corals with suffer. I dont know what brand nanocubes come with, because my bulbs were unmarked, but if you change to the 50/50 coral life bulbs, you will notice a more purple coral, and your corals will pop more.


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It all depends on what you are going for. If you want more growth and less coral, stay with whiter bulbs. If you want more coral and slower growth, then add some bluer light. I would go with a 75/25 scheme. Like an actinic and 50/50. That's what I use on both my tanks.


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You should really change out the bulbs every 8 to 10 months. They may still be working, However they loose their light spectrum that is needed for the tank. After 8 to 10 months, change them out but as long as they are them. If you ever have a bulb blowout for some reason, you will have something for a backup for a day until you can get a new one.

Also, a great upgrade to your lighting would be from NanoTuners. They have a 50/50 light upgrade. It gives you 1 more actinic light & 1 more 10k light.

I added it to my office BioCube about a year ago. It really adds a lot more light & makes the tank look awesome.