Stocking list ?


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What are your thoughts on my stock list? I have a new 180 gallon aquarium 6'x2'x2' full of live rock and a good depth sand bed

Few Black mollies
1 Ocellaris clown
1 gladiator clown
2 fire fish
McCosker's flasher wrasse pair
A few Cleaner shrimp
1 Regal angel (torn due to clam and corals)
Pair of swallowtail angel -considering 2 or 3 female and 1 male 🤷🏻*♀️
1 golden head goby (is it safe to do Sand sifting gobies-maybe a diamond)
5 anthias-1m/4f (not 100% sure I want)
1 Flame angel-torn due to corals/clam
1 Desjardin sailfin tang
1 Blue hippo tang
1 yellow eyed kole tang
1 yellow tang

Full mixture of corals
1 mandarin goby - after established
Clam - after established

I plan on ordering pre-quarantined fish. My clowns, firefish, and McCosker pair should be here next week.

Does the list order look ok for stocking order as well? Hope to be able to order flame angel and tang gang last and at same time. Was told to wait about a year before adding mandarin will it be ok to add him after tang gang?

Thank you