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I just drove up from Victoria to visit your store today..just wanted to say what a nice store you have...I was curious what wattage the pendants are that hang over your coral tanks...I tried asking someone but everyone one seemed to busy..So I gave up and left...Daryl
We are using 250w 10000k HQI lamps, the fixtures are Giesemann, the lamps are by Bayerische Lampe und Vacuum. I have found these lamps are exceptional for length of life, color rendering and low spectral shift. The only drawbacks are high UV output, you get a sunburn if you work under them for many hours and breaking lamps when you try to remove them from the heavy spring loaded sockets. I am sorry no one got to you, we had several employees out yesterday taking exams. Feel free to call if you have questions or need anything. Weekdays are generally slower.

Thanks for the prompt response..I like the look of them but I think they are out of my price range at this you sell any other kind of metal halide lights.?
We get PFO and CSL lights by request. I have been unsatisfied with the quality of any other manufacturer. I would say that Giesemann is our best seller of all the brands I have carried because they are very attractive and often that is required to please the spouse. When I compare the $300 to $350 of another brand of pendant which frankly looks like an inverted trash can and has a short lived 10000K mogul lamp which will cost more to replace in the long run I feel the Giesemann is a good value. Seeing as you are in driving distance I could give you a break for Cash and carry- $400 with lamp.
Thanks for the offer....I love the way the lights look but I'm only hoping to spend around 400-450 total for the lights...they are going on a 75 gallon---only lights I would be able to afford is the ones you have hanging up --and that only if you would sell them after have used them and they are outdated...heheh...thanks for your time.
My best advice would be to seek out some used equipment. I have a consignment section in my store and their are 3 175w Ice Cap ballasts going for $100 a pop and 3 10000k lamps $70 each-used one month, the customer decided 175 wasn't enough. The only drawback to the Icecaps is they are definitely not water resistant and they tend to strobe intermittently, but they work well at extending bulb life and minimizing heat. You can see your total would be $340 for a nice set up that would be sufficient for most animals except some brighter sps and maybe maximas and croceas would prefer more. You would only need some wood, a couple of fans, some flashing and a couple of prewired moguls with retaining brackets, add another $150- figuring you would want some nice lumber and hardware. Regarding taking DYI further I would advise against buying a cap and coil kit or old F-can it is difficult to properly contain the components and I have not yet found a substantial savings over a nice PFO in aluminum heat sink enclosure. Yes I have checked Graybar and Grainger. I also like to look to long term expense when I make my purchase and for this reason HQI double ended lamps make the most sense.
Hmm..that is something else to consider....thanks...I currently have a canopy with 4 110 uri bulbs with a icecap ballst.....just don't like the way it looks as compared to the mh...thanks again for your time..