Streams Are In!


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Over the past few days I have sent out 40 6100 , 20 6000, 20 6060 and 18 6080 Streams. I have more coming in, it looks like in the next week we will be pretty close to caught up with back orders- though admittedly nowhere near having anything available for immediate delivery.

I wanted to add that many of you may receive 6100 pumps in damaged boxes. Unfortunately the packers made a mistake and put a large box of Tunze catalogues weighing about 60lbs on top of the boxes. It crushed many of the boxes. I taped these boxes up to the best of my ability after inventorying the boxes for parts and inspecting the articles. I assumed most customers would rather have than wiat the extra two weeks to get new boxes.

I wanted everyone to understand this so you won't think you are getting a used pump. It is regrettable that damage packages had to be sent but I felt it was the best option.
Woo hoo!

Woo hoo!

MalHavoc, you shouldn't post something like that. I now have a chip on my shoulder and will look at your future posts with distain, my streams and controller aren't here yet (been waiting since May 23rd). Contrary to popular belief "if youââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢ve got it don't flaunt it"
Heck I just ordered mine a week ago =) I'm very jealous, I really hope I don't have to wait as long as you have Chris :eek: The place I ordered mine from said 3 week back order... My tank is still a week or two from being finished.
Hey, I've been waiting four months for these babies, so I paid my dues. Hopefully yours will arrive soon as well!
Every dealer got some Stream pumps sent to them on Monday. The 6100's were the most abundant, I did get 20 6000's and another 30 should be coming in the next few weeks. I think this should catch us up to everyone who ordered before July 1st.
Thanks Roger, I hope I'm in the group that gets them this week!!
MalHavoc, Let us know how you like yours. I ordered the same setup. I guess if you waited four months I can avoid snearing at your future posts.
Ironically, it will be a few months before I actually get to use them. They are going in a new tank that I don't have yet. Want to know what's worse than waiting for them? Having them but not being able to use them :(
Roger, got a call about my pre-order TS-24 said my 2 6100 pumps are in but the multicontroller has not shown up yet, are they on back order too? Thanks :cool:
Yes, pumps are here and they keep coming in but controllers are a bit behind. Things are more or less made in batches and when another batch of multis come in they will go out immediately. I asked about controllers earlier this week and was told I should get some in a couple more weeks.