substrate and live rock

gene huff

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help is what i need..we recently had a hurricane that distroyed by 120 gallon reef tank..i emptied the tank and put the 200 lbs of live rock outside. its been there now for 6 months..not to smart!!

now i want to reset up the can i use this i have to buy live sand, its so expensive. how to reseed without costing a fortune..any and all help is greatly appreciated.

despirate on the gulf coast.

you can reuse the rock you have but you will need to buy a few new pieces to reseed the old rock. if your going to use a sand bed, i wouldn't buy "live sand". i would buy the dry substrate of your choice and then find a local reefer or 2 and get a few cups of there sand to start your sand bed.when you restart your tank take your time because there will be alot of dead organic material in the old rock that need to be processed after the tank is set up. let your tank cycle about twice as long as normal, and skim heavy. good luck
I agree with above, get a decent amount of new cured rock to help seed the 200 LBS od base rock that you have now. You could even try your LFS and see if they will be generous enough to maybe give you a cup or two of there livesand.