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My tank is just about finished cycling and I was going to go BB. However after some thought I am thinking of going with some substrate for a better look. I am thinking of using Carib-Sea Florida crushed coral that range in size from 2.0 to 5.5mm. The reason for this is that I have 2 Tunze 6100's and am getting a third and I don't want a sand storm. Im only looking for 1" because its for looks only. Has anybody used this substrate? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
Most folks ( including myself ) will tell you to go smaller with the subsrate grain size... I've got the fine grade in my 150gal and don't have issues with sand storms and I'm pushing 6300gals/hour in the tank.... Your Tunzes aren't jet pumps like other powerheads and if angled right, will not give you problems...

My reasoning for going smaller grain is that the CC will do nothing but trap dutritus and you'd be vacuming all the time... You can go with the "special grade" sand from aragalive and get the look you're after ... it's not super fine nor is it very course...