T. crocea placement


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My new crocea arrived with no rock attached to it, so do you think I should put in on a flat rock or branching rocks or sand. And second do you think it should be between two rock so it can lean one of its sides against the rocks? Or any other position that I can't think of? :)
As for the question about rocks. FWIW- IME its easiest to let it attach to a small piece of rubble instead of onto the main reef. That way if you ever need to move it you will not stress it out by pulling it away from an attached spot. By letting it attach to a small mobile piece you are then able to position the calm wherever needed for its light requirments.

Just out of curiousty what type of lighting do you have it under and what size tank, how old is the tank etc....?
aquaria info

aquaria info

Thanks for the info Legion.
The tank is about 175gallons with 2x400w 20,000K HQI and 4xActinic lighting. It currently has a wet/dry and trickle filtering system but I am upgrading it to a DSB and refugia system at the moment. (RC really helpt a lot with this decision.) I have an Aquamedic shorty PS but that will leave its way to a Deltec unit most probably (any comments on the PSs?). I use Seachem Matrix carbon continously and add Kalkwasser 7/24. I am also planning to buy a Ca Reactor (Deltec or Aquamedic) so any help on these would be appreciated. I know this was a long post but I tried to explain as much as possible.
Well your lighting is more than sufficent for that type of clam. Like I stated before try letting it attach to a small piece of ruble for easy placement.

Good luck with it they are very beautiful clams. I just got a baby tank raised blue Maxima to go along with my 2 1/2 year old gold Squamosa.

Honestly I have no personal experience with the Aquamedic shorty PS, but you can however do a search on it in the Forum search engine.