T5 dimmer?


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My display is a 33Long - 12"x13"x48"(wide).
(Cut a 55gal in half horizontally...)

I'm planning on buying a 4 bulb TEK light but it seems like this might be a little too much from what I'm reading.. Is there a way I can change the ballast (or have reefgeek) to something that has a dimmer on it?

I like having the 4 bulb combo of light but don't think I need them all running at 100%..

What do you guys think?


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Dimming a T-5 will change it's final spectral output. T-5's take about a 100 hours of burn-in time to achieve their true spectral output, messing with that could be bad for your inhabitants. You should be within acceptable range for that light output for your tank. I wouldn't mess with dimming the lights.