Tang Agression


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Yesterday I had a 90g tank with two small clowns and a scopas tang. Everyone was happy including the hair alage the scopas tang would not touch.

In an effort to curb the hair algae, I picked up a yellow tang thinking it would be different enough in color from the scopas tang to not be an issue.

Today I added the yellow tang and immediately, the scopas tang started showing agression. It's not biting the yellow tang, but it is being very pushy. I wonder if it would have acted this way towards a blue tang?

Any chance this behvior is transient and will go away? If not, I don't know which fish to get rid of. The scopas tang is (was) a great fish and likes to hang out with the clowns. But the yellow tang might actually be interested in the hair alage and I'm sure it would get along fine with the clowns.

Any thoughts?


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tangs will shove each other around for a bit to show whose boss. kind of like the wolf packs,each one will have it place. It will calm down.


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Thanks for the replies. I put the fish in on Wednesday.. Lights off. Thursday morning the fish was on the sand.. Covered the tank with a blanket in an effort to help it relax. By this time the scopas was ignoring him. By Thursday night, the tang had gone to tang heaven.

I actually passed up the lawnmower blenny for the yellow tang. Poor tang.

Then the puple urchins I bought only seem interested in eating the coralline. So much for hair algae control!


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While I'd the lawnmower it never touched the hair algae nor any frozen or pellet food. It continuously scrape the glass and rocks for algae but never eat the hair algae which I thought was strange.