Tank Cycled Just added a few snails+Crab


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My tank just completed cycling and I went and purchased a few turbo snails and a blue legged hermit crab and a greenish colored crab. The lady at the LFS said the green crab would be good on the LR. If everything goes well and the crabs and snails live I will add a coral or 2 in a few weeks.


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That's what she called it . I just could not remember the name. He's hard to see in this pic. he's clinging to the red colored rock almost dead center of the picture. He really blends in. I hope they all stay alive . When should I do my first water change? Blown 346 I want to thank you , you have answered a few of my questions over the past few weeks and I really aprreciate it.


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You may consider adding the type of lighting you have in the Current Tanks part of your profile, being that the coral selection and lighting are relative.

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I think that the only disappearances of snails that you'll be having are ones caused by the crab being naughty. I'm not sure i the emerald crab with bother the snails. But i know that blue leg hermits will steal shells from snails all day long. Why don't you just test your parameters?

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I would do the water change a month or so after it cycled. The Emerald crab could kill snails, and other crabs but all crabs are optunistic feeders and will get take what they can get if left hungry. dpsa98 you are welcome.