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My tank is already running hot. 87.6 at 530 this morning, The heater is unpluged. I turned off the power heads, and kept the lights off today hoping that would help. but at 4 this afternoon It was only down to 84.9. I have reuseable ice packs that I put in there but the fish don't like them. I'm afraid it might stress them out to much. And it is not that the heat is to high in my apt. I don't even have the heat on. Hasn't been on all year. If it is this warm already what about when it really warms up. I thought about a chiller.do they very small probe things, just like a heater but it is a cooler? I need to probley try to get that other 75 gal set up within the next week or two. I would like to try to get over flows or just get it drilled. Any suggestions on which method would be better. If I get it drilled, any suggestion on who does a good job at a fair price. The skimmer I was going to get got cancelled. The guy I was going to buy it from emailed me today. His cracked so he is going to have to keep it. I was going to get a GSA2 or 3. Should I just keep looking for one of those or is there a better solution. Thanks again.
what is the your size tank and what is running in the tank to get it that high

for cooling you need to buy a chiller that uses freon
How big is the tank? The iceprobe chillers really are for 20 gallon and under. Here is a review of them and temp decreases per size. Like chad said if it is larger you need a freon style unit.
My tank ran somewhat warm to me 80 to 82. I placed a 9" fan over the sump and removed my heater all together. Like Farmer told me the maxi jets get hot. However removing the heater an using the fan has been working for me I'm down between 77 and 79. I don't about the GSA brand I've never heard of them unless you meant a ASM G2 or G3. If thats the case then I would say get one. I have the ASM G3 with recirc and I love it!
The tank is a 75 gal,
filtration is:
emperor 400
Rena XP3
seaclone 100, Been there a year and hasn't filled cup once
coral life 260wat PC
double strip light with two 40 watt bulbs
(Tried to get around 350watts lighting so I could do more than
power heads
2- Visaqua , 1800 and 1300 just been in a week
1 228 power sweep.
Note: All equipment has been off all day except the emperor400 and the rena XP3,
down to one cleaner shrimp and I think one hermit. All the rest have bit the dust.
coral banded shrimp
brittle star
These guys were suppose to help keep my sand bed clean. at least that is what I was told.
Sail fin tang
fire goby
purple goby
blue cromis
tomato clown
cherub angle
pink hammer
green hammer
green star polyps
pink star polyps
green flower anemone

All were doing fantastic together for over a year. then about 9 months to a year ago. I got some Red Slime and no matter what I do I can not get rid of it. Tried all the meds, Did water changes 20-25 gals every week. Put all new carbons and foams in every week. Only feed fish every other day. Stoped putting in additives.(Marine Snow. Bi-onics and such) Bought all new bulbs, Chem-clean every week for about a month solid. I thought I had it that time. But in about 10 days There it was again. It is on my rocks, sand bed,(what is left of it anyway). power heads, skimmer, every where. That is why I bought the 180. I figured that this 75 is beyond help. There is nothing more I can try to save it. The only thing left to do is start a new system and try to get these poor guy over to a better enviroment , before it is to late for them. And since the sailfin tang should have never been in that 75 (thank you LFS, you guys really were a big help there) If I have to start a new system, Then start one that is better suited for him.
do you use tap water, ro, or ro/di water

seaclown i have had one in the past and if you arent getting a cup full than that could be part of the problem also
At peak you can have your swing at 87ish but for a constant that is a little too high.

82-84 is perfect for your constant.

Tattoo, raise your low to 81-82. Anything in the 70's is too low.
I knew as soon as I left for work last night, since I didn't mention it, I knew every one would think it. I DO USE RO WATER, I don't know if it RO/DI or just RO. at least that is what the LFS is charging me a 1.00 plus a gallon for. As far as the skimmer not pulling any thing, I have repeatedly ask about that, And was told that if it isn't pulling anything, there must not be anything to pull. So I guess my fish don't potty. (I should charge admission, $1.00, come see the worlds only fish that don't potty!) I guess I could make enough to buy that new equipment that I need. LOL
I've tried taking it down, checking out everything, make sure nothing is cloged up, air line is on right, It was no better that a skillter. I guess the LFS have a secret order of how they sell this crap to us, That is at least untill we can hook up with the other folks here and get lead the right way. See, skilter, sea clone which one am I suppose to get next?
I do have pics of the tank. But I can't get them to fit on this site. Keeps saying they are to big. And when I try to down load that software it says to get, My computor won't let it in.
I would test that LFS RO water, I bet you will find it is loaded with all kinds of stuff. Hopefully someone close will have a tds meter and check it for you.
OH Yeah, I should mention, This morning with every thing off all night,except filters and skimmer, windows open and fans running tank is in living room near open window, 7:30 am tank temp is 86.8. Already time to put in the ice packs.
I never heard of this, Which store. Valco's or Brians, does matter much, I've used both.
ok, just seen that post, must have been posting at the same time. Ok, That is just about the same time I started having this trouble with the Red Slime. And I was getting my water from there. I started going to Brian this past fall, But I also noticed last month when i went to get my water, All the filters in his R/O
unit looked coffee brown. The water I spent basically 25 to 30 dollars a week on is crapy. I get it now, Sell crapy water, Sell Red Slime Remover, Sell crapy water, Sell Chem-Clean, Sell crapy water, Go to Europe on VACATION! So now what can I do. I don't have a RO unit, The land lord did say I could put one in, But I only have the kitchen and we use that all the time. and the bathroom but that is to small. And I would have to hire a professional plumber to install. Also It would have to stay when I leave.
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Are you sure your thermometer is correct? If it is you must have a pump getting too hot.

Check your pm's too. :)
I use one that hooks to the kitchen faucet and I make water over night when no one will need the faucet. Best 100 bucks you will spend.
Are you sure that you are getting a correct temp reading? With most everything off, I can't figure out the difference between the room and tank temp.
With the humidity I could see not getting the evaporation to aid the cooling but that's high. Something is def. producing heat in there.

Equipment wise I would look at the XP3 and emperor as the heat source if that was all that was running. With live rock the emperor shouldn't be needed unless you are using it as a fuge but the flow is pretty high for that to be very effective. Is there a sump on the system? No power heads were on last night? I think I'd use the powerheads and skip the XP3 and emperor although I'd test the powerheads in a regular bucket of water and see how bad they raise the temp. I know everyone has issues on the skilters and seaclones but they both should be giving a measurable amount per day. Could the seaclone be the heat maker? It wouldn't make that much difference to unplug it and see for a day or so. Some will run w/o one at all and rely on waterchanges/macro although I would recommend both export methods together.

Something else too is how are you measuring the temp?

On the red slime issue, what are your nitrate levels and phosphate levels reporting?
Ok moved coral life digital to different area of tank, away from skimmer and stuff. temp is 84.6. Grab my old meat temp (Never used on meat, just tank) That one says 83.9. So even though there is a slight diff. it isn't that much. Something is wrong. The only pump in the water that is running is the skimmer. could just that one pump be heating it up that much.
Also, where did you find that Ro unit, can you get me a site with spec, I will order one right now So I can try to get enought water to set up the other 75 gal and cycle that one to get those poor guys moved over.