Tank Leak!


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Not sure what the heck to do about this - the tank is leaking from the top right corner and I'm afraid it's going to spread. Bought the tank used, and upon further inspection, looks like problem had been remedied in the past.

My thoughts: Drain the tank a couple inches - dry the affected area. Apply a fish safe silicon solution, let dry for 24 hours, refill tank.

Your thoughts: ???

This is slow but sure leak and it's got me very concerned. Has anyone dealt with this in the past and can offer me some suggestions! Thanks!
Glass Tank - 36" Wide x 30" Tall x 16" Deep. Leaking from front, top right corner, collects under the rim of the tank and slowly works it's way down the front.
are you sure the tanks not over filled ? if the water collects under the rim you may have the water level to high is this a reef ready tank?
I would take some water out for sure so the pressure does not get the best of the silicone and break the seam. I would then try to fill it and give it a few days to dry before refilling. jmo
I thought of that as well, the water level being too high. I've since brought it down a bit, but I'm still seeing some water drip. This is difficult to explain. I am trying different acceptable levels and monitoring it at the same time. What kind of silicon should I start filling it with?
Lowering the water level while you re-seal it with silicone sounds like the best bet.
You should also put a "Quick-Clamp" to hold it tight together in the mean time.
Thanks all - lowering the level did stop the leak, but it still worries me. I will plan on taking it down another notch, sealing the area up as well as I can and going from there.
Last time I had a leak I had to drain the tank scrape out all the old silicone and reseal with new. Thats the only thing that fixed it for me.
For the small cost of a tank I would replace it. should you choose to try to repair the tank, I would recommend having someone who knows what they are doing take care of it. after all, this happened once before, and the last guy couldnt repair it correctly, why take the chance.

Dave w/ Seaside Aquariums

602 435 4557

Tell him Skip from ATR referred you, should you choose to go that route.
Dangit Skip, why do you have to drop the bomb like that. I'll be moving in the next month to month and a half - guess I'll just have to go with the new one then. I'm assuming Dave will be able to hook me up with the abnormal size? I'll give him a call tomorrow and check out his prices. Begle

Say Skip, how's that Raccoon doing? Better PM the news, just in case ... haha?
Dave would be the guy to call to repair the tank, should you choose to go that route. Draining and repairing the silicone would likely yield good results if done correctly. I fear anything attempted while the tank had water in it would be a short term fix, and lead to issues down the road. Repairing the tank will take a minimum of 2 days with curing time for silicone accounted for.
personally, i think the tank should be fine if you lower the water level. the water level was just a little too high. dont think theres a crack, just the top brace was lacking some silicone.
by the way, the light is doing good. not as bright, but good enough. thanks