Tank length vs water volume for fish


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After weeks of procrastination I finally have my new tank set up. It's a 12 gallon 36x9x9. I'm weighing my fish options, and was thinking of trying a pygmy angel given the 3 feet of length.

Ignoring water quality issues for that small volume (which I dont anticipate being a problem with a sump and good sized skimmer), do you all reckon that is enough swimming room? Is the lack of depth and height a concern?


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here we go, jay will be fishing out the angel in a few months after it goes on a rampage eating all his corals. watch for the F/S post everyone!


I see a gorgeous Acan colony with a sweet retro cage around it. :p

I think with that length you might be ok with the smallest of angels. I know your sump and skimmer will keep the water top notch and help with many more gallons. I like the idea of this system and would love to see some pictures of your progress so far!


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Very interesting shape tank. I think you can add a baby pygmy angel. They are not jumpers and don't need the depth.