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Thought I would post some close up pics of the less common Macros growing in my tank. All of these grew from Florida Live Rock put in my tank nearly a year ago. I like keeping a tank with lots of plants along with corals. Some definitely require more hands on pruning than others.
Ok, Reef Central tells me the max pic size is 51kb. Give me a break, you can't see anything at that res.

Sorry everyone, I wish I could erase this thread.

Don't know what it is, I'm assuming it's rare only because nobody can ID it for me...


And from another angle..


Ok, it's a new day and I feel as though I've become an expert in how to take 5MB pics down to 51kb using photoshop, and still be able to see something.

So lets try this again.
Cool Pics...Do you have a pic of your entire tank?
I only which I have that many cool looking macros in my tank.
Here's a tank pic. Sorry for the low quality, but I don't have any pics up on my web page yet.

Unfortunately I don't have room for a refugium below as it's only a 54g corner. I like to have slow growing plants, like those I posted, in my tank almost as much as corals. I just like the look of a tank with more than just corals and rock.
Don't know if you are planning to put more corals in that tank...but I think it will look really, really cool with some nice color softies or LPS...
When I looked at the pic for some reason a mountain with patches of forest pop up in my head.
Grim- Looks like a Fucus to me (could very well be wrong tho)

DrBCP awesome tank! Its really natural and still colorful. Nice work!
I appreciate the comments.

I wish I had room for more corals. It already 9 brains, 1 large spaghetti leather, 2 finger leathers, 1 devils hand, 2 colonies of button polyps, 3 colonies of star xenia, 1 plate, pulsing pom pom xenia that's out of control, 2 gorgonians and 1 LPS that I can't figure out what it is.

Unfortunately I will be moving in a few months so I haven't added anything to the tank this year.

post 5 and 6

post 5 and 6

Hi i have some weird macroalgae like you too...specifically the red stuff in your post5 and that stuff in post6. do you kno if they're good for your tank? it does look nice but that red stuff is attaching itself to all my other rocks and it's becoming like an epidemic so i threw the rock with the most of the red stuff in the sump and yanked off the rest of it on the other rocks. if you find out anything let me kno...thanks.

I actually haven't taken the time to find out what half of these macros are and if they are bad or not.

The red stuff and the light green 'seaweed' you mentioned doesn't grow that fast in my tank. Maybe a couple inches every month. Both are in contact with several corals in my tank (xenia, plate, 2 leathers and a couple brains) and I don't see any ill effects, unitil they start blocking too much light. The red stuff must be different than what you have. In my tank this stuff doesn't attach to anything. It's kind of like tumbleweed and often floats around in the tank.

algae ids

algae ids

the algae in your post4 image.. you have an ID on that one?
I have that one too.. very nice.. very delicate.. doesn't seem to like lower salinity levels.. has died off almost completely after a sudden drop in salinity once and then again for no apparent reason whatsoever.. now slowly growing back thank goodness..

My original plan was to actually grow a "plants" only marine tank but have "bent" the rules somewhat and succumbed to the desire to add corals... softies mostly


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I finally got a web page of my tank up with some better pics. It's my first ever web page, so don't expect anything fancy. :D

My Tank Web Site

I started another thread hoping some fellow reefers will help me with plant/macro identification. Most of the pics are the same ones I've already posted, just of a little better quality.

Plant/Macro ID thread

BillsReef has already helped me with Codium (pics 2 and 4 under the plant/macro section of the web page. Codiuim is a great macro. It doesn't root itself into rocks or corals, pods love the stuff, and it has a nice steady growth.

SubMarinR, the post4 pic is a great macroalgae. I've had the stuff for a year and it's only doubled or tripled in size. It tends to also grow in spurts. I wish I new what it is?