Tank Selection (24g-34g "ish"). OMG! Another "which tank" thread!


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How many threads are there with that title?!

First off, I'm new to this forum, but not to forums themselves. I'm a member of a pretty close-knit forum, so I understand the dynamics. Search!
That being said, I only get the search to work every so often and I always check-out the archives. I still feel, this warrants a new "What tank should I get" thread, so here we go.

I'm stuck between 3 or 4 Nano tanks (24-34g range) and I'm looking for opinions. What is the majority leader when it comes to production Nano tanks? Not "one-offs" or "special high-ends".
With the amount of information passed around. The amount of opinions formed around these tanks, which tank is really the best all-around? I don't want to make this a witch-hunt for the worst performer, but which one is the all-around best?
I also realize that opinions will be biased and will vary, but I know there is a general "feel" for each Nano tank. And sometimes, newbs like myself, have a hard time picking up on that "feel".

The car forum I belong to has many "conversations (threads)" about which pair of headers work the best. There's a general consensus among the long-time members which pair are the best for price, performance and overall value. Even though I own a set, I don't exactly think my set is the "all-mighty". I can honestly recommend another set, even though I'm not an owner of said set. That's what I'm looking for in this thread.

*Note- Let's keep all thoughts based on pure stock kits. No mods. Stock lighting (best lighting options available for any given kit).

Here is my current list but I'm looking for other ideas too!

Nano Cube 28-gallon HQI
Solana 34
CAD 39g Sig
Aquapod 24g


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I'd go with the nano cube, as of now they have the most upgrades out there.

This is where I'm leaning. Good price that includes a really nice light. I seem to like the look of the rimless/topless of the Solana though.