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i have a 34 gallon long tank with a mated pair of tyranic percula clownfish, and a yellow watchman goby.

when i moved the clownfish claimed the entire tank as theirs, and i had to arrange the rock work so that the watchman goby could have some areas of peace.

now i have a tremendous outbreak of hair algae, and i would like to get a fish to eat it.

my question is; should i bother creating another rock fortress for my new blenny, or will the clownfish pester him tooo much?

and will the lawnmower blenny pester the yellow watchman too much?

what if the watchman is paired with a shrimp?

what if i get a smaller algae eating blenny, like the twin spot bimaculus? (spelt it wrong i think)



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Could also figure out what triggered the hair algae outbreak.

What are your water parameters (( with numbers )), and do you use RO/DI water? (( if so, what is the TDS ))

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blennys are pretty docile, I dont think they would bother any fosh
OP is asking if the clowns will bother the blenny. ;) The odds of that happening are pretty good in that size tank. Have you considered adding a fwe large turbo snails or maybe a sea hare? Also, agree with Todd's comments. You'll need to address the main reason for the HA outbreak and do what you can to reduce it's fuel for growth...ie. phosphates, nitrates.


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Clowns that are sexually mature in a 34 gallon tank will bother any and all fish added. But, Todd is right. Figure out the problem.