• House AC (meaning you would leave this ON if you left for the weekend)

    Votes: 17 58.6%
  • Chiller

    Votes: 5 17.2%
  • Fans

    Votes: 20 69.0%
  • Open top tank (increase evaporation)

    Votes: 16 55.2%
  • Downstairs sump or tank

    Votes: 14 48.3%
  • Decreased lighting period in summer

    Votes: 4 13.8%

  • Total voters

Bri Guy

New member
What do you keep your temps at?

Vote for more than one.

Write in any other forms of chilling, or add what heater you use for how many gallons your heating.

Id hate to have a tank anywhere south of here, esp Flordia or Arizona!!!

Bri Guy

New member
forgot, I try to keep my tank at 80, it ranges from 79-81 often, and I have seen 76-84, thats about the worst Id like to see it too.

I have 40g total volume, and I would like more volume some day, it actually fluctuates pretty fast, nanos could fry in an hour in the wrong conditions.

I have two fans, a small one in the sump, and a large desk fan like 10", is on the desk next to the tank, it turns on if the temp is above 80, so some days, it runs all day, I see up to 1/2g more evap on hot days, if my tank went up. House AC, and open top tank.

I use a 100w heater on 40g

MC Lighting

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you need to add instead of or in addition to decreased lighting period a reversed lighting perios as that is what I do durring the summer... I keep my tank around 80...


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79-80 degree target. 2 fans + house AC to keep temp in place. Although, I am upgrading to MH, so I am upping the number of fans considerably (to 6).


Happy Reefer
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I also target for the 79-80 degree range. I just pulled out the exhaust fan I had in my fish room and installed a window A/C unit. I will have to see what happens in winter when I want to exhaust some of that "fishy" smell from the basement. Maybe I will reinstall the fan for winter (what fun that will be)!

I also have open tops on all of my canopies to let out some heat from the MH lights.
Being located in the basement also helps keep temps down.


How do I change this?
I shoot for 80 and it stays at 80-81. I use a chiller because the room it's in doesn't have a/c, and during the night I turn on the fans in my canopy so that the chiller doesn't need to run. After I voted I saw the option for open top, which I also have. Total system volume is around 27 gallons.

I actually used to live in Jacksonville Florida, and the heat isn't as bad as everyone thinks. You go from your air conditioned house, to your air conditioned car etc etc. My house down there was always cooler than my apartment here.


New member
I do my best to keep my house around 70 degree's all the time. My tank is pretty steady between 78.6 and 79.9. No fans running on it, it is open top though.

I left for five days last week, did have to keep ac on though, just turned it up a lil bit instead.


New member
i'd always run my tanks cooler than most, 76-77, and thats been aided by having it in the basement. but i've been slowly ramping it up the last week or so and i'm going to try running it at 80 for awhile now. we'll see what that does to my electric bill. the heater has been on a lot more as i've been raising it.


New member
well our house has ac and when its on at 77 the tank is at like 80 during the summer and the winter with the heat on the tank was at like 77. i dont have a heater and its open top with 260watts of compacts over the 55 and no fans. at night it only drops about 1 degree. power heads are keeping the tank up to temp at night also i guess


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my tank runs between78 to 83 had to change the lights to come on at night. when i was running them during the day the breaker would pop when the ac unit kicked in.also have a break in the halide lighting 3 1/2 on 2 off 3 1/2 on again. hyaven't poped the breaker yet like this(knock on wood).


I'd tap that glass
I shoot for 78-80. In the summer I have a large box fan that blows at my tank. Seems to keep the temps just right. I do not allow AC in my tank room, because I always have the window open in that room to keep my PH up. Not sure if that really matters though.


Moving Out
Open tops for evaporative cooling.
Fans blowing on the water.
AC running when it gets too warm or away.
Tank in the lower level.

In Florida & Arizona they use the AC, like we use the furnace.
AZ does have the dry climate, so evaporative cooling is easier.

Bri Guy

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So other than reversed light schedule, there isn't any I missed, those are pretty much your options to cool your tank, huh?

other than geo-thermal, thats a bit extreme.


Happy Reefer
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When it gets really warm in a tank I break out my "poor mans chiller".


A one gallon plastic water jug filled with RO water sits in my deep freezer until needed. Just pull it out and place into sump and let it thaw out. Actually does work, not as well as a "rich mans chiller" but it does work. If your sump will not accommodate a large jug just use a bottle that will fit.