The CDP? what it is and how do I start?


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So I have been lurking around here for about a month with a couple of posts. I guess I should Introduce my self.

Hello My name is Brent,
I grew up in a house that always had a freshwater tank and every time we went to the fish store I found myself always drawn to the saltwater section. When I had some extra cash after paying off my student loans I decided to start my very own fish tank and immediately knew I wanted a mixed reef tank. I bought a tank stand and some equipment from craigslist and took it all to my LFS to see what else I would need and get a bit of advise as to where to start. It wasn't until I was set up and started cycling that I found this forum and all of the knowledge it contains. I started my tank about 1 month ago and since then I have done nothing but research and weigh my options as to what to do with my tank. I am very excited about the community here on Reef Central and especially the community in SLASH and cant wait to put faces with usernames. I fully anticipate becoming a member at the Feb 26 pizza meeting and plan on going to the frag swap in March.

The more I lurk the more I hear about the Coral Donor Program. which brings me to my questions. Is there a central tank somewhere which contains all of these awesome corals? do I need to donate corals to receive corals?(as I have exactly 0 corals right now) How do I obtain such corals? and what corals are available?
This is one of the many things that have drawn me to SLASH and I cant wait to be involved in a fun and helpful community.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and help.


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Wow!! This is so much cooler than I had expected!! The variety and number of corals available is crazy!

Thanks for the link Pife, and from a new guy looking in you all should be very proud of what you have created!

Cant wait to be a member of such an awesome community.

Edit: couldn't wait as stated above and just singed up for membership! See you all on the 26th
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Why wait? Membership can be done on our website through paypal at . With a day or so of signing up, you will have access to the site and can look at the CDP as well as the other benefits of membership. If you plan on attending the swap, your card would be waiting for you!