The Mysterious Brain! No Skeleton!!!!!!! what to do?


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I have a 2yr old trachy brain, and about 4 months ago, he has completely fell out of his skeleton and now just floats around till he finds a spot with low flow and opens up like normal. Well the only problem is that he always tends to get blown too much and into the back with not too much light. So its been hard trying to care for him. Has anybody had this problem and how did you care for yours. Did you put him in the corner, did you attach him somehow? Tell me!
I had a frogspawn do that... I read that if the conditions were right, the frogspawn might eventually regrow some skeleton, but it disappeared when I brought the tank home for Christmas. I guess the word will never know:rolleyes:.

I have heard of this happening to some corals before. I would try to contain it in a rubbermaid container sunken in your tank in a very low current area or in a net breeder or something. Just keep it contained and away from pestering fish. You may want to look in to supplementary element such as Strontium and Molybdenum. I believe they have been implicated in this peeling condition. Also you should try to feed it. Eventually It will probably resecrete at skeleton.
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Ditto to the last post. You can make an appropriately sized container out of plastic mesh, such as plastic embroidery canvas: that alone will diminish flow. And I'd think feeding it would be a good idea. We had a coral pop loose, and lost it to the overflow before we could encourage a regrowth. Even if you don't have fish, it's a good idea to diminish its travels. This should be interesting.
I agree with trying to get him contained. Get one of those strawberry baskets to put over him. It probably has to be setteled for a bit befor it will regrow or reatach to anything.
Well I haven't found a probable solution for him to encourage growth of a new skeleton. I just adjusted the powerhead in the tank so that it wouldn't blow him as much. And even though, can you only imagine how long it would take to grow a full skeleton in this capativity(29gal tank!)! He's been in there for about 4-5 months or so now and I think is healthy; can't really tell how he's feeling, cause he's not talking to me as much now and days! lol
Well here's a pic. There's a chapstik next to the skeleton, and the brains in the tank not fully opened at the moment.

Now can you imagine how long it'll take to grow that skeleton!! Who've ever had a brain that was a little baby(1/2"-1")?
I did feed him a bit in the beginning, now I don't ever spot feed him, I've had him for years! And also in the post earlier I meant to say that he's been skeletonless for 4-5 months.
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