thinking about getting new lights going SE this go around whats some good reflectors,


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as title says im lookin to get a new light setup im considering going SE this go around

dont really know whats a good reflector ballast and bulb combo....

can someone point me in some directions....

i like the bluer 15k-20k look for my corals

tell me what u like and y?


im guna put 3 of them over my 180 and am not guna run actinics


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you can go w/lumenarcs and even use your hqi ballast from your original lights. If you want a bluer look go w/20k radiums or 20k XM's.

i use lumenarcs w/bluewave hqi ballasts and run 10k xm and a 20k radium in the middle. i like the mix.

but for you since you seem to like bluer look, i'd go w/2-20k's on the outside and one 10 or 14k in the middle.

Stoney Mahony

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Oh.... I use SunSystems sungrow reflectors with 20k 400w xm's and no actinics. I love the look. I have some lumenarc reflectors too but I prefer the sun systems in a side by side test.