time has come for LR


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The rebuild has reached the live rock stage :D I know there have been several threads on this, but I have some specifics in mind:

There's already about 10 lbs of base rock in place, and I'd like to build on it with some 20 lbs of shelving pieces, with perhaps a little branching thrown in for good measure. I'm obviously not going to be able to hand-pick these, but I'd like to specify basic shapes and sizes if possible.

What type of rock would you recommend, and what reputable venders will follow through on such requests for size and basic shape?

I'd like your actual experiences with life extant on the rock, aiptaisia woes, shipping condition on arrival.

Also, would you put the LR in the main tank or put it in a tub first to check things out?

many thanks!
I would put them in a tub for a couple weeks to kill most of the bad critters.

Better yet, I would buy dead LR and seed it with the smaller coral frags. That will prevent MOST bad critters/algaes.
Although I do not have personal experience with their rock, I have read many threads extolling the virtures of Premium Aquatics rock. They reportedly will hand pick it for you. I have never read anything negative about them. I have bought dry goods from them and was very pleased. They are a sponsor here - shoot them a message and Jeremy will give you the lowdown.