To reflect or not reflect......yadayadayada


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I am setting up a "spare parts" tank for a family member. The tank is a 40 gallon long (48x12x16). For lighting there will be on T12 VHO and two T5 HO. My reflector options for these bulbs are:

Helios SLR for the T5's and internal reflector for the VHO
All three lamps under a coralife aquamirror

The Helios are not as polished as the IceCap or other T5 SLR's but I am not sure if the shape makes up for that or not. What do you all think?


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If aren't that concerned about how it will look then that's fine, especially if this is a low budget tank where the interest in it is minimal.

I'm not trying to harp, but there is a big difference between the Icecap slr and it's competitors. If the tank is for softies, then I don't see why it wouldn't work.


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I think you'd be fine with whatever is easier for you. When I first set up my T5s I didn't use the reflectors (I had purchased the IceCap SLRs) and _wow_ they were bright just being inside a canopy that was painted white. So for a 40 long I think you'd be fine with minimal reflection. If in the future this family member wants to keep more demanding things, he/she can always purchase the individual T5 reflectors later. They simply snap onto the bulbs so they would be really easy to install later on...



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I didnt even think about just painting the inside white. That would make a future SLR upgrade super easy. And lets face it..... we all end up wanting "more reef" as the addiction, I mean hobby grows.I am just trying to get some one going that really loves looking at my tank and just doesnt have the funds to go all high end from the get go.