Toadstool for sale


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I have avery nice toadstool for sale. It is large and I need to get rid of it because I am going all sps. asking $35. I live in Newark and you can pick it up at my house
pics? - maybe a trade w/ some of the sps I have left :) - I'm in Newark - right behind the public library
Cool - I'll PM you my Number so we can work out a time to meet up - and you could always come over and hand-pick some frags too.
Toadstool's in it's new home - already had polyps fully expanded last night - and they were still out and happy this morning - perfect centerpiece - it really brings the tank together; thanks ;)
Great Nick,

I put my additions in last night as well. Everything seems to be doing well. It was nice to meet you and your tank looks great. I look forward to seeing you on the tank tour.