Total confusion for 90 gal


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Hi Roger, as the heading states. I am sure there is not an absolute solution. I did a search on your recommendations for a 90 gal tank and each one has a different answer. I have a mixed tank with approx. 120 lbs. LR and a 4" DSB. On some post you suggest using 1 6010 on another you recommend 2 6010, then I read using 2 7400/2. Could you please offer some clarification or guidance. Thanks, Kim
Yes, I have gotten blasted a few times, people just taking petty snipes on the board. This has caused me to rethink some of my advice or at least be more reserved in giving it. I know realistically what flow corals are exposed too, while Texas isn't exactly a coral reef it is on the coast and I spend a lot of time near water and heck I know of lakes with more flow than are in some peoples reefs. People complain it stirs up their sand or they are basically just creatures of habit so if someone challenges the way they do things they reject it. If someones corals close up the day they put the pump in they balme the pump. Well, if you have a bad knee and have surgery, guess what your knee is worse before it gets better.

What I would do- if my tank was SPS- 2 6000 pumps and a multicontroller and I would have one on and one off, they would take turns alternating every 3 hrs or so, then while on they would pulse between 30% and 100% of flow. If I was keeping LPS or Softies I would choose a pair of 7300/2 or 7400/2 and a multicontroller. One pump isn't bad but it gives a less natural flow as the direction never really changes, if you have a seaswirl on your return though it can work very well. If you picture a reef as a sort of pool that drains and fills with the tide and also has currents. You can see the flow changes in direction alot from this action.

I have a 120 and I use 2 7400/2 and multicontroller. I successfully keep a mix of LPS and SPS with a couple softies. I only have one acro but a few montiporas and pocillapora as well as porites. I would honestly like to have the 6000 Streams for my tank but they are in too short of a supply for me to take two of them so I make do with what I have. I have a 6100 Stream that is a crude Beta model and we use this in my shop to keep a big 240gallon African Cichlid tank tame. When they have to fight the current they leave each other alone. One of my customers has a 6000 in a 58 with no problems at all- he has a DSB but with a 2-3mm sand and not a sugar sand. So, all ways will work it depends what you keep and how open minded you are. You will have to accept that changing anything is going to have some short term negative impacts. Tunze pumps are very well made but they are higher maintanence do to tighter tolerance and getting sand in them is a real problem. However if we compromised the tolerance we would be like everybody else and have 300 gph for 25watts rather than 800 or even 2000gph for a comparable power consumption.
Roger, thanks so much for the reply and guidance. I hope you didn't feel I was blasting you. I was just seeking clarification. As I stated, I didn't think there was just one answer.

Being new to the hobby, I have nothing but an open mind. Having neither experience or knowledge, I am of the opinion that there is not really a right or wrong when it comes to equipment. Just better choices. I am a firm believer in buying quality in the beginning and learning from that rather than trying to adapt later.

That being said, I must admit that buying over the internet is harder since decisions are based on pictures and info on Reef Central posts. I can't say I know which way to go other than it will be the TUNZE product.

Thanks again,
Thanks Kim. I did not mean to insinuate you were upset, it seemed like an on the level question. It is very difficult for me to advise when I am not their in person looking at the tank. I just was hoping to clear up in general why my advice sometimes changes. I really do appreciate your support and feel free to ask any further questions.

BTW- I am a Carlin fanatic. I have every album and video. That quote did not come from him, though it is very nice. He clearly states on his website any message implying any degree of hope in humanity did not come from him.
His website is not for the faint hearted so I won't link to it.
Hi Roger,
I think I have the 6000's figured out. 2 6000's, 1 multi controller and 2 mounting kits #3000.244 for an AGA tank. I am leaning towards the 2 6000's but something tells me to check out the 7400/2 since I have a mixed tank.

I do have several questions about the 7400/2 if you don't mind.
Will I need mounting kits?

Next is about pricing, and I'm not sure you can comment on it.
I only found 1 on-line vendor that list the 7400/2, they also list the 7410/2 but it is only $2.00 more. The other vendor only list the 7410/2. If I understand correctly, the 7410/2 comes with a sgl control, so I would end up with 2 extra controls if I purchase a multi controller.

I also noticed the 7300/2 you mentioned and it is priced $141.00 lower than the 7400/2. Is that correct.

So you know, I'm not questioning your prices, I'm just making sure I understand. And from some of the posts

I have read I'm not sure the answers I would get from the vendors would be correct.

Lastly, I wasted 3 hrs thanks to you. LOL Searching for the quote attributed to George Carlin. You're right I found a site where they admit they wrongly attributed it to George. I could only find it attributed to anonymous.
Thanks again, Kim
Hmm, sounds like their are some mistakes on a website. Kits 7410/2, 7310/2 and 7210/2 as well as 6010 and 6110 were discontinued. In fact I shipped the last pumps last week. In an effort to streamline production and help stores stock the product we decided to eliminate the redundancy and sell all the parts seperate. As a LFS owner I can say it was an expensive and space consuming propostion to stock both a 7200/2 and a 7210/2 when I could have just had the 7200/2 and the single controllers and multicontrollers seperately available. Most LFS's couldn't stock both. The price disparity is because the price increased 10%due to the conversion from the Euro to the Dollar, we met half way and the $1.20 that a Euro costs was settled on at $1.10. Further the old kits had a discount because everything came in one box and this saved on assembly time and production costs. Unfortunately it also meant more boxes to warehouse, another production run and just slowed things down to much. We still had to box and sell the Single Controllers seperate as replacements or for people who bought a pump and then the controller later. Since the **10 models were discontinued before the price increase we sold off what was left at the old price. Of course, a year ago the dollar and Euro were at parity so the price in Germany and the US was a direct conversion. The 7300/2 should be $230.71 and the 7400/2 should be $256.38. I recently checked over the websites of MD and Premium and everything looked correct. I know Champions current print catalogue is outdated but the website seemed accurate. You are correct that if you can find a **10 model you would only have the extra single controller.
By the way- the mounting is essentially identical and you will need the 3000.244. I know their are hobbyists in Florida with these pumps, in fact the vast majority are sold to California, Texas and Florida so I would assume if you ask around you might be able to visit some people who have them and see for yourself.