Trigger and puffer


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My father is thinking about setting up a saltwater aquarium in his house...

The one thing he absolutely must have in te tank is a puffer. I dont think he cares what kind of puffer, just a puffer. He found a fish he'd like to get and I have no clue what their like since I have a very non-aggressive tank. He found a Bursa Triggerfish. I know some people have had issues with niger triggers going crazy and killing all the other fish after a few years, do you have the same problem with all triggers?

He hasnt bought a tank yet hes just putting together a list of fish he'd what I'm looking for is a list of fish that would go really well with these two, and a minimum tank size that he'd be able to keep at least thes two fish in.

Thanks for the help, should be interesting studying to set up a tank completely different from mine.
the bursa trigger isn't all that bad but you should still keep other aggressive fish with them, or fish that can hold their own, angels, puffers, ect. as for a puffer any puffer will be fine with them. as for tank size 125 at the min. but 180 or bigger would be best.
So like any angels would do well, or just large angels... or are dwarf angels aggressive enough too?

See I don't trust what websites say because they all say something different. My LFS sucks a lot of butt with pretty much everything. so I dont trust them to tell me what would survive. Thats why I'm asking all of you wonderful people...

Any other group of fish that is aggressive enough to live with a puffer and a trigger?

Also I know puffers and triggers will eat invertebrates, does that include snails? If so what kind of clean up crew should be used in this kind of tank?