Triggers in Reef Aquariums


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I know that Pink Tail, Blue Throat and Niger Triggers are all "reef safe"...or at least thats what i've heard....are there any other "reef safe" triggers out there?



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All of the triggers pose the threat of nibbling on your stony corals and crustaceans. If well fed and well stocked with "treats" you will be fine. They wont sit and just demolish a colony, they are curious and like to "sample" around the aquaria. Though if you are looking for a show piece and have a large reef tank, I'd suggest the above ^ A pair of Crosshatch Triggers ^ They are beautiful and well tempered/mannered :) Hope this helps! Goodluck! :)


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I have had 3 clown triggers in the last 10 years that were reef safe, the problem is with bio load when they get larger. If you have plenty of Xenia and GSP you may be okay?


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My sargassum was a model citizen in my reef. I will likely get another now that I have a new tank established.


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They can be great with sps but if you add any LPS they can become robbers and tear up the coral in the process.


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Remember that any trigger will usually eat any invert (other than corals) and many smaller fish that are common in reefs. My niger, sargassum, or crosshatches will eat any fish of 3" or so.