Trumpet Coral Bleached overnight


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I am starting to get really frustrated with my LPS and if I could swear on these forums I would probably be cursing up a storm.
Anyways, I left last night...everything in my tank was perfect. I come home today and half the coral is bleached out, a lot of its color is gone.
It looks like it still may make it but I doubt it. My question is does anyone have any clue as to what the hell happened? Also, can I try using the tropicmarin pro coral cure as it worked for my acans.
All the other corals in my tank are fine even the acans I had some trouble with a few weeks ago.
In fact, yesturday I wasn't even able to top off my tank which is not necessary everyday but I do it everyday anyways. My point being there is nothing at all that I have added or changed, even flow of any sort to irritate the coral.

Any ideas would be great.

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What lps bleached?

he stated in his heading.....trumpet coral aka candy cane's
I'll try to take one today though my camera doesn't take the best pics. It is up at the highest part in my tank and has been doing fine for the month and a half I have had it there. There is nothing around it that can possibly sting it. I have had this coral for over 9 months and this is the first problem I have ever had.

Would it be ok to dip it?
dipping is not a solution to bleaching I don't think. bleaching is caused by too much/too little light, too much flow, parameters being off, unstable water chemistry. you say it's up top of your tank, possibly too much light?? I have mine mid-tank level. You've been in SW for 9 months, and had this coral for 9 months...possibly your tank is just now getting stable and all the fluctuations of a new tank has caused your coral to stress?? I don't know, just taking some guesses
Well maybe I am using the wrong term as far as bleaching. I really wish I could get a picture but basically they aren't "puffy" like they usually are. It's just the skeleton and the mouth. The color is still there but very faded and on one of the bottom of the heads the flesh fell off and you can see the that head I am sure will die.
BLEACHING is when the coral turns white. if the skeleton is showing, it probably needs to be fed more. you said it was "bleaching" so we are trying to help you based on what you say. if it's not bleaching, then we are telling you the wrong info.
Ya it's not is closer to the description I gave on my last post. I target fed my LPS this morning and I tried squirting some mysis on them but no reaction.
When they were doing fine the feeding tentacles were out all the time and they readily accepted anything I gave them.
tell me, what was the temperature like the day your tank was fine, and what was the temperature the day the trumpet was bleached?
actually, I would be more concerned with the DKH. I have seen the slin come off the skeleton a few times, and it was always alkalinity was way low.
I run my tank at 9.5-10 dkh and the temp in my tank now that it is summer runs around 80-82, never any higher.
I don't think it's the flow because I have another neon green trumpet about 7 inches to the left of it receiving the same amount of flow and it is doing fine.
Surprisingly one of the heads is starting to puff out again. (Looking good) I will have to see what it looks like when I get home at 11 tonight.
I only have a clown goby, 2 clowns and a couple crabs which I hate because they knock stuff over.
The good news is I came home today and all the heads were out again. Even the one that was the most damaged.
They aren't as good looking as they were before this happened but I can say with confidence that they are going to live and come back with no least that's how it looks right now.
I really don't know what happened but I just hope it doesn't happen again because it looked quite bad. Kind of hard to believe that they are doing as good as they are after what happened.
You all probably think I'm nuts and I made up this crazy story hahah
I had a few heads on my trumpet as well tonight that looked like that. My alkalinity was too high (11dkh) and have not dosed for a few days to let it drop but the other corals are fine. I took it out of the tank to look at it and it looks fine. Just not as puffy and a little whiter like the flesh is coming loose towards the inside of the trumpet. I have a tunze right near it for months without issue so its not flow. The only new fish I added the other day was a coris wrasse. The only thing I can think of is that my morrish idol is trying to eat the yellow sponge that is between the heads. I hope mine is fine tomorrow as well.