Trying to find the right controller


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I have searched and read a bunch re controllers and just end up more confused. Maybe it is just me. Descriptions don't seem to tell me what the basic units will do, or won't do.

As with most people I want the best for the least.

Here is what I would like to control:
ATO - Just installing a peristaltic pump to add about 1 gallon per day. Don't yet have the ATO floats etc, but may be getting them

CO2 to CA reactor, I am using the AquariumPlanets regulator and do have a controller - American Marine Pinpoint Controller, but would consider using a new controller and selling this one.

Tempurature - I am using 2 250 watt heaters in my 90 with 20 sump.

I have AI LED and use their controller, but would consider eliminating that one if another controller would do them.

I have two PH probes. One for the CA reactor and one to keep track of the tank

I don't have a temp probe.

Would the Apex Jr. ($149) do what I need or do I need to go to the Apex Lite ($370).?

What are the recommendations?

Are there more things I could do with a controller?


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what about a ReefAngel.

it has an 8 outlet control box. has built in hookups for your ATO floats and can control AI LED's. Comes with a PH probe, haven't read how many you can add to it.

but its 220 bucks plus shipping, not really a bad controller from what i've read, but it can require a little more playing with to get setup exactly as you want, but there is a ton of help and support out there.

I just got mine the other day, haven't hooked it up yet though, still waiting on getting my stand stained.