Tunze 9004


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Would a Tunze 9004 be ok to use in a juwel 190,would the flap need to be cut or would it fit under the hood,are they good,are they noisy?
ive had it with my juwel 3.0 skimmer,it keeps coming unstuck,it causes loads of micro bubbles and its noisy.
any help or pictures from someone who has this setup would be great..
I am not familiar with the Juwel 190, (I'm assuming a European or UK tank, in liters), but I do have a Tunze 9004 in a JBJ 28 (28 US gallons) with a custom canopy, and am extremely happy with it. Here is a picture of the "dry side" of the skimmer....about 2 3/4 inches sticks up above the water.


I never took note of noise, but after your request, I put my ear to it and it is no more noisy then my MP10 on the tank.