Turbelle ® Stream Kit TS07 (6010) for 72gal


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I have a 72 gal Bow Front with a DSB. i was thinking of the Turbelle Ã"šÃ‚® Stream Kit TS07 (6010) with the Deco rock to hide it. would this be too much for my tank which is only 48" long? i love the concept of a spread current as opposed to a jet. I currently have softies and PC lighting, but i would like to have SPS as well (and i'm sure the softies would also love the current).
but from the other posts, it sounded like it would send my sand flying all over the place.
You are avoiding that by doing two things. First you are getting a 6000 Stream which is controllable and at maximum flow it is a possibility but you can turn it down. Also, you are going to use the Stream Rock which gives the flow an upward angle of about 5 degrees so this will also help.

This advice is pretty far from scientific. I hear back from people with 220 gallon tanks that the TS24 kit is too much and then I hear back from people with 150's who think it isn't enough. I try to gauge exactly what someone is trying to do and what there experience level is. When someone has some experience under there belt they seem to understand what sort of flow exists where these animals really live. Would a tang be blown across the tank by a pump? Well, if you go diving where gemniferum tangs live odds are pretty good they will be retrieving your carcass from a pile of rocks. The flow in most reefs is quite immense. When you see those wild Maximas with there shells pounded smooth it is a testament to the diverse conditions most of these animals adapt to. If you have at least 70lbs of rock and follow the plan you have it will work. For leathers and SPS I don't think there is any better source of flow than the Stream pumps. It is absolutely true that a 7400/2 or 7300/2 though is more suitable for a mixed aquarium with polyps and anemones and animals that inhabit more gentle flow zones. Further the wide flow of the Stream can complicate keeping LPS corals as it is unlikely that their will be any slower moving strata without specifically setting up rock work baffles to place the LPS amongst.
LPS would not do well in this environment?
(thank you by the way for all your help)
In my experience LPS only fully expand with a lower flow. Before the 6000 came out I installed one in a friends 58 Oceanic and the SPS loved it as did some LPS like Turbinaria. However, stuff like Torches and Frogspawn didn't like the high flow and never fully opened. The solution was to make a cort of crotch of live rock that baffles the flow and to place the LPS in the center of this baffle. If you have a lot of LPS or really like your rock work this may not be a good solution.
sounds good.
thank you so much for all your help. i appreciate it and look forward to getting my new Stream!
The only other problem is anemones. It is possible to set up a Turbelle Electronic such that it would be impossible to harm an anemone. With the Stream, while it would be unlikely it is possible for anemone to be harmed.
I am thinking of buying the turbelle stream kit as well. I have a 180 tenecor acrylic tank I am getting ready to set up. It will have a 100 gallon, 3 stage sump. Stage 1 is an aea for Aqua C EV400 skimmer, and a power head to drive my double helix UV sterilizer, stage 2 will be mud and calupera, stage 3 is bio-balls. The tank will be driven by 2 iwaki 70rlt pumps, with 4 inlets pointing in avarious directions.
Do you think the Turbelle stream controller kit would be too much flow? I really like the idea and concept behind these pumps, and wish I would have heard of them before I decided to go the direction I am going with my tank and sump.
I have a 220 gallon tank up and running now, and once the 180 is ready, all livestock will be moved down to the 180 and the 220 will be disassembled and sold.
My main showpiece in the 220 (soon to be in the 180) is a 20 inch wide, by 10 tall ritteri host anemone which is home to a mated pair of Clarkii's. I also have purple tang, canary blenny, 6 blue-green chomis, flame angel, and a 2 ft snowflake eel. I have mostly soft corals, leathers and such, gorgonian, xenia, star polyps, countless mushroom colonies, and a couple hard corals.
Like I said, the main showpiece is definately the HUGE ritteri with the 2 HUGE Clarkii's. Those 3 items are my pride and joy and I want to make sure they are happy in their new home, so your comments about anemones not liking these pumps has turned me off a bit. Do you think I am going in the wrong direction?
I really like the concept behind the Stream pumps, but I dont want to do any harm to my anemone.
The tank is 2ft X 2ft X 6ft.

What should I do? Forget about the Turbelle Stream pumps?
If you do think my tank would be a good candidate for these pumps, please specify which model and flow rate I would need. I also want to get the microcontroller with the feeding and nightime flow features. I also absolutely LOVE the idea of the ROCK COVER that would hide the pump itself. In my 220, there is stuff hanging on the back all the way across just about. Overflows, protein skimmers. I VOWED not to have anything haning on the back of this tank at all when I started the project. I hope to have water in it and running by the first of the year. Then I will slowly move my livestock down to the 180.
With the Stream Rock I see no reason why the anemone wouldn't be safe, I hadn't thought of that previously. The 6000 flow pattern only carries about 4ft so keep that in mind. I do think it is the best choice for a ritteri which should have a more gentle current moving around the animal rather than blasting it.

I generally think your set up will be very nice but I will question one thing- the UV. First- is it necessary, is it not somewhat contradicting the refugium/caulerpa set up you describe? If your purpose is to eliminate nematophores and be able to keep a broad range of animals I would agree but I might consider another model. No offense but there are many good UV's on the market that have been around for ages and are used in industry and I would prefer that and the availability of parts. I might suggest the Angstrom 2537 UV in the FDA/UL approved versions with Rapid Start- this is something you will have to request as most go to Marineland for Lobster tanks. I would also consider the units that are offered by Fritz Industries that are for commercial water sterilization. Both types have stood the test of time and have good support and parts availability. They are not as easy to use and work on but everything is top notch industrial grade and just really going to work well.
I questioned the UV myself also, but the guy that is helping set-up the tank (he owns a LFS and also does maintenence and set-up and is very well respected in my area) said it would be a good thing to have, so I bought it. Keep in mind, I did not buy anything from him, I got all this stuff myself, so he has no motive for me to buy something if he felt it is not needed. He knew going into this venture that I was going to buy all of my own supplies. I am going to buy livestock from him though. I was not planning on running it 24/7. I was thinking of running it like 1 week per month.
What are your suggestions? Get rid of it altogether?
Do you think it is even needed on my system?

If your purpose is to eliminate nematophores and be able to keep a broad range of animals I would agree but I might consider another model.

Define nematophores please. The search function here at the site is down, and some quick searches at a few other sites did not yield much. I gather they are aptaisia, or something similar?
I looked up nematophores in The Reef Aquarium Vol 1 (Delbeek/Sprung) and there is nothing in the index.
If you think the double helix is not sufficient, I have room for 1 or even 2 more that I can add to the sump without any problems.
I am not really wanting to do an inline UV.

OK, now the Turbelles. You say the streams of the 6000 only carry 4 ft. Would it be a bad idea to to have one on each end of my 6ft tank pointing toward each other? Would that cause too much current in the middle of the tank. Keep in mind, there is already 2 Iwaki 70rtl's that will be pumping water from the sump into the tank. Each pump will go to an inlet that splits into 2 different directions. So with both pumps, there will be water shooting 4 different directions from the Iwakis alone. I am wondering if adding the 2 Turbelles (one one each end facing toward the center of the tank) will be too much flow?
Each Iwaki 70 rlt is rated at 1500 gph. There is only a 5ft head on this set-up, so that may drop to like 1300 or so, but with two, I am still looking at 2600 gph or more I would think. That is a lot of flow for a 180 gallon tank I believe. Do you think my fishes would be running for cover if I also added Turbelles? Do you think my soft corals and my ritteri would have a chance against that kind of flow?

Also, I was wrong about the gallons of the sump. It is actually 140 gallons and 8 ft long. First stage is for protein skimmer and UV (and anything else I can think to stick in there.....maybe a second skimmer???). That stage is 2 ft long. The mud/calupera stage is 3ft long, the bio-chamber is 2ft long and the final stage is an area for removeable media like carbon, etc. The final stage is 1 ft long. This thing is a modified holding tank that the owner of the LFS offerred to me for free as a sump. I did some modifcations to it and I think it is going to be one hell of a sump. It is very well designed I believe.

I do think it is the best choice for a ritteri which should have a more gentle current moving around the animal rather than blasting it.

By this statement do you mean I should drop down to smaller Iwakis and get the Turbelles?
I am not sure that would be possible at this point.

With the Stream, while it would be unlikely it is possible for anemone to be harmed.

Whe you say "possible for an anemone to be harmed" do you mean that the pumps will blast it to death, or do you mean that the anemone could get sucked into it somehow causing damage?

Thank you so much for your advice, I really do appreciate it.
In general I don't believe in UV for anything but fish only systems with fish very prone to ich like tangs. Some recent studies showed that a UV could enable aquarists to more successfully maintain a mixed coral tank with anemones, stone corals and soft corals. The reason was the nematocysts- sorry I screwed up earlier- released by the corals in warfare are killed by the UV. Nematocysts are the stinging cells that when magnified are basically microscopic harpoons carrying a poison. It is why it stings when you touch your anemone. I guess I am not sold on the new fangled UV's. In former times they all had quartz sleeves and we were told only quartz can transmit UV. I know that some plastics can but when I see that acrylic is commonly offered as a UV shield and the way plastics react to UV in the long run I can't believe a plastic coil or tube is suitable for a UV. I also know that the shell itself has to be a special UV stabilized plastic, not just any PVC or ABS housing. Sure, it may last for 5-10 years but it isn't forever.

As for your flow. I think I would try one 6000 in a Stream rock and position it about 1ft from one end. The rock would prevent the anemone from getting sucked in- he will walk until he likes the flow somewhere so flow isn't the issue and even where anemones live the flow is still enough to sweep a man away without some effort to stay in place. I don't think your set up even with the Stream would be to much. If afterwards you think you need a second go for it but I would just start with one, you have good return flow for what you plan to keep.
Nematocysts.....now that makes more sense. I know full well what those are. Thank you for clarifying.
I think I am going to get the single Turbelle, like you suggested.
Can you describe the rock covers a bit better? I have never seen the pump itself or the rock cover in person, so it is hard to tell its intensions by pictures only.
Is it basically made to sit on the bottom of the tank and direct the stream forward at a slight angle upwards?
Does it have to be anchored to the bottom with adhesive or soemthing? Can the pump be anchored to the wall of the aquarium with the Tirbelle holder extension device and still be used with the rock cover?

Sorry for all the questions, but I want to know exactly what I am getting should I decide to buy one. I am leaning toward buying one.
The rock is basically a ceramic piece about 10 by 10 by 6inches. The pump is installed by inserting the face into a metric coupler that is part of the rock. The holder is not used. Ideally you place the rock in a place that gives you the flow you want but it is still servicable.
Hey, Roger,

Just reading through a few threads here, and this particular one about anemones got me thinking.

Right now, in my 33, I have a fairly large E. quadricolor about the size of a 10" dinner plate, serving as a host to a four year old tomato clown. When my new tank is set up, this anemone will (was to?) be moved to the new tank. I'm planning a 48x30x24H 150 gallon tank. As you know, I already have two 6000's with a multicontroller. I had been hoping to aim for an open rock structure, leaving room for corals to grow and fish to swim. Any comments about my plan? Will the pulse or tide modes be too intense for the anemone? Am I worrying about nothing? Is this thing on? *tap* *tap* :)
I always am afraid of anemones and powerheads. I think the Stream design is fairly safe because the inlet force is not that strong and it is so near the outlet that it would seem unlikely- but possible. For my Ritteri I keep it with a 7400/2 and I run an intake extension to a strainer that is way back below the rock work. The Streams would be completely anemone proof with the Stream Rock. Like I said, I think it safer than most for anemones but the risk is there of course with a quadricolor you may only help him split:)
Hehe, I probably have the only E. quad that doesn't wander. He moves about an inch, back and forth, each day, and hasn't moved more than that in the three years I've had him. My plan is to give him a spot that is relatively sheltered, maybe on the "gentle" side of a reef structure that has a Stream on the other side, blowing over top of it. Thanks for the comments :)