Turbo snail knocking clam over


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My tubo snails have knocked my clam off the rocks twice now.
They do a great job cleaning my tank, but I think i better get some smaller snails or somthing.
I've had this clam for about a month now and i don't think its getting a chance to attach because of them bulldozer snails. Its a 4" T. max.
Im thinking of just putting him in the sand with somthing under him to attach to. (like a butter lid?) Or maybe taking my dremal tool to a piece of rock and making a nice area for it where it can't be knocked off so easy.
I love the clam and would like to get a few more after im sure i can keep them happy.
I like your ideas. Actually I tried the dremel tool idea and I worked on a piece of limestone I had and I shaped out a small depression and my little 1" clam I put in there is now a little 1.5" clam after about 2 months.

What you could also perhaps try, is all of the above (i.e. down on the sand, on a piece of rock with a depression, etc.) and place rubble rock around the clam to help stabilize him. That way, even if he does get bumped, hopefully he doesn't get shifted too far.

I have one mexican turbo snail in my tank with my clams, he's huge, and he manages to find and knock over my other 1" clam. All the time. However this little clam has a rubble pile around him, and he seems to be able to pull himself back upright without any intervention on my part. We'll see how this works out in the long-term. Seems to be OK for now. Would like for him to get a little bigger before trying to move him. (Not that I have any idea what I'm doing anyways... :rolleyes: )