Turning Caulerpa


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I just started using Teacup caulerpa (that's what my LFS had it labeled as - I think it grape or racemosa) in my sump. It's under 32W PC 24/7 and it is starting to grow out nicely.

My question is when is the right time to harvest for nutrient export and what is the life cycle of this algae - I do not want to experience the "sexual" breakdown.

I have also heard Iron supplements are a requirement - is this true?

I have done the research (wetwebmedia, searching this and other forum based websites, books) but no one place has definitive answers -

My experiences with caulerpa suggest that consistant temperature and salinity as well as iron additions are important. Flucuations often cause caulerpa to go sexual, kind of like a trigger. Iron also seems to help with strong growth in macro's. When the growht starts looking dense it is time to harvest.