Typhoon Hang-On Skimmer?


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Has anyone tryed this before?

I have one and think it pretty decent for the $70. Doesn't take up much room behind the tank and pulls nice junk. Passes a few bubbles, but all hang ons do from what I have read
Yep. I looked at everyting out there and settled on this because it was shallow(not much space behind my tank), auto discharge(less hassle), and price($70, what the hell). I know there are better performers, but I think this is a good value. ($/performance) Everyone seems to like the Remora and Coralife for a few bucks more but I wanted to try something different and I have been pleased.
I will be setting up a 72 bow with sump, so I just purchased a Precision Marine in-sump model so I guess I will have something to directly compare it to now!