Uh-Oh! Firefish missing...


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I added a firefish to my tank on Saturday.

My clowns and orchid dottyback were being somewhat aggressive with him, but only when he was going into "their areas" and would chase him out.

Saw him around for a few hours and haven't seen him since. I'm starting to worry about the little guy!

Do you think something bad could've happened to him or is he just hiding out somewhere? My tank is covered so I'm sure he didn't jump.

Please help to ease my concerns!!


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They get intimidated very easy and will burrow themselves in or hide in the LR, I had one that got too stress and hid all the time and two days later it was dead wedge between some rocks!


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I have had 3 fire-fish live fine for a few months and then just dissappear. I lifted up my rocks to see if it borrowed and look all around my tank to see if he jumped and i couldnt find it. So who knows?????