Unique Clam Pic


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I've never seen one quite like it. Just thought I'd share.


Oh, and no it's not mine. I found it on this site

That is a nice clam. Sure would be nice to find out where everyone outside of the US gets their unusual clams.

Would be even nicer if the breeding efforts went into developing these, but I guess they are trying.
looks more like someone doctored the pic (the shell even looks distorted) rather then pinching to me, but thats just my observation, i personaly have never seen pinching that looked like that.

That's a great looking clam, it is not suffering from the pinching disease. It's completely healthy. What you are seeing is Insane extension mixed with water flow. If the clam was suffering from the piching disease it would not be as vibrant.

Also if it was the pinching disease, then the tiny little maxima on the right side would perish 50 times quicker then the mighty squamosa, which usually are not even effected by it.
I have a clam VERY SIMILAR to this and I think it is a maxima. Here is a pic:



What do you think? I got this from Flying Fish right before they sold out!
I will agree with project reef on the water flow. If you watch the video on the German website, you see a colt coral in the background that is whipping around like crazy and the chromis are getting shuffled pretty well too. Everything else is sps so that is the only signs of ridiculously high current. Assuming that clamis in the same tank of course.

Where do they get the clams anyway?
Project Reef you are connected, got any ideas?

I have no idea where the German's get their clams from. They get some really really choice stuff in terms of corals as well. That is one of my favorite reef related websites, very inspiring.
Sorry this is a day late but, here's a couple of top down pics of my beauties. I still believe the clam on the left is a maxima.