Using ABS

Marky B

New member

I am fitting a sump and was told by my LFS that I needed to use ABS from the overflow because this was a safe plastic to use in a reef tank. So I bought a length of just this from a plumbing supplies store.

However, I have just read in 'Marine World', a UK magazine that ordinary ABS can release chemicals that could be lethal to the livestock. They say you should only use 'Food Grade' or that supplied by swimming pool spares companies.

Is this correct or will my regular ABS be OK?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the reply. I had read the article and nowhere in it does it mention about tubing needing to be food grade. I was wondering if the aquatics trade over here was trying to scare people into using a premium product when the regular stuff will do.

You are suggesting PVC, but is ABS ok also?
Hi Mark,
I can't speak for there but ABS is cheaper here than PVC. I have used a small
amount of ABS in a surge device I had on my tank for a couple of years and it
did not kill everything. It was a fish only with live rock tank and it was 400
gallons so that is the only experience I have had with ABS. You might want to
ask the question of a larger audience on ReefCentral and see if someone else has
more experience with ABS and how it worked out.