Very pleased customer


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Hey Jason,
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with premium aquatics products and service. I have made at lease 5 orders in the last 3 months and everything has been great and with quick shipping. I hope you plan to stay with airbourne express. I hate to read these threads that may bash your company. Your only human. Keep up the good work.
Hi Jen,

thanks very much, nice to see! We appreciate your business. I think we'll stick with airborne a little longer. We have had mixed reviews with them, some areas they seem really poor, but others very good, overnight ground deliveries, etc. So hopefully they'll work out!

thanks again,

how consistant has airborne been? I've had a couple of smaller orders com from you and they hav gotten here would be a great (and cheap) way for me to pick up some Live Rock.