VHO Bulb Choices


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I was seeking out the expert advise out there as far as what color temperature bulbs to get for my lighting setup. I have three 48" 40 watt bulbs and two 48" VHO bulbs for a total of 340 watts. What combination of bulbs should I use for my tank? I plan on having mainly soft corals (zoas, mushrooms, polyps) until I upgrade lighting. I was thinking of getting actinics for two of the NO lights, and then 10,000k for the rest of the bulbs? Let me know. Thanks in advance!


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Thats probably about what I would do if I were not getting halides. VHO are okay but really nice for color. What about using the VHO ballasts with actinic and upgrading to T-5 or halide?


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For output the T5s don't seem to be worth the money, a 48" T5 bulb is only 54 watts. The same but VHO T12 is 110 watts and both are pretty much the same for price. Granted I could fit more T5s than VHO, but I don't really consider getting T5s a lighting upgrade since I would have to get more bulbs to get the same output.


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T5 give more light thn VHO, watts means nothing.
4x54w would be enought for sps with reflectors.


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If I'm going to buy new ballasts, etc. I'd rather buy MH, I have the VHO ballast, therefore its easier and less costly to buy some bulbs for it. MH will be my next upgrade.


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I would probably use the URI bulbs since they have built in reflectors, 2 whites, and then 3 actinic NO bulbs. But hey that is just me.

How soon are you going to get halides?

Get 2 actinics VHOs and then 3 NO whites. That way when you get your halides you have actinic supplements to your 10000k. Or you can get 2 white VHOs and 3 actinic NOs and then you can get 20000k halides.

But I would base my decision on when I am getting my halide upgrade.