VibraGro story

I just took a captive raised BTA up to Marine Oasis for Sue's pair of Maroon clownfish.Iv'e been feeding these fish VibraGro when I go in the store in hopes of getting them to spawn.They almost ripped the anemone from my hand and IMMEDIATELY went into it.She then informed me it's cperson's anemonefish.Apparently, he was in just before me and remarked about the fishes excellent condition.Others in the store familiar with the fish also remarked about it's coloration being more vivid.My personal experience at home in my 220 reef supports these findings even further.I fed VibraGro,and saw a huge difference in all my fishes AND corals.I found I was able to slack off any liquid additives.When discontinuing Vibragro's use,I saw inhabitants fading in color- and spawnings stopped in my Chromis and A.ocellaris .I don't know if anyone else can vouch for this pellet food,but for the money,it's the best thing going.Crush up a pinch of it into the water column for a POTENT result.I've even found my sponge growth is accelerated!
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Who manufactures VibraGro? Do think it would maintain potency if it was ground up with homemade fish food and frozen?


hey... Thank you for the coral!!! They are doing great :D

With Actinics:
when I was setting up my tank a little over a year ago I was in MO getting my first fishes, and there was a guy there who said something to me like:
"use this, trust me..." and he handed me some vibra-gro.

It was very voo-doo like
I use it every other day with good results.

it's from red sea I believe.

Hey! Does it matter what kind
I've got some discus vibro gro that they don't eat
will it work in the marine tank
There was a couple more on clearance at R/C steel
I'll second Gary's observations to a certain extent (still waiting for my clowns to spawn). It seems like a very good food, and has kept my Puffer's colors bright and vibrant. I also usually crush up a few and add them to my food mixture.

Hey Dave, don't be surprised if that guy at MO wasn't Gary ;-)

Dank- I'd go w/ a SW variety. The proteins found in their diets are different compared to FW.

- Mac
I have tried to use Vibra Gro but to little avail. It floats on the top and quickly ends up in the over flow. The tangs show no interest at all in it. I have tried holding under water for a moment hoping that it will sink and then interest the fish.
Any suggestions?:confused: :confused:
Hi Charles,

I'm surprised they still floated away after having been underwater for a few seconds. That's usually enough for me to get them to the bottom (make great sandbed food too). When I feed them to my coral's I usually re-soak them in a cup of Tank Water for 5-10 minutes before hand. Get 'em good and soggy. Then I use a piece of Rigid Air Tubing and some airline to suck them up into the tube, and deposit them on the corals. After a few minutes, the one's that soak up the water sink to the bottom, so are easy to pick out.

- Mac
Charles,how are you? I've noticed the newer cans of VibraGro pellets {read:fresher}sink more readily. The large pellet is more difficult to sink than the small. I would only recommend getting the small pellet anyway,unless your'e trying to feed some really large fish. You may have to pre-soak 'em like reefermac stated. I'm sure they will sink after being frozen into his food blend as well!
Wow Gary you have been using these pellets a long time.

BTW I got the Ora Glo and some Boyd Vita Diet if you would like to try some.
"VibraGro" is no longer offered for sale under that name. It's now sold as "ORA Glow". MO will be carrying it soon. For now, the only place I know of selling it locally is Petco on Ridge Rd.- but I haven't gone in there yet and I'll probably wait until MO carries it.
This is good stuff. It's used to raise captive bred Clownfish and Dottybacks.

Incidentally I saw the Clownfish mentioned in the first post of this 5 year old thread last night and it's alive and well :)

Still aggressive as ****, too !
Has the name simply changed or is the food being distributed by a different company?

<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=9331159#post9331159 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by ri
Has the name simply changed or is the food being distributed by a different company?

Red Sea used to be the distributor. I think ORA is the new distributor.... but I'm not sure.
PCIALF will have to tell us what it says on the package.