VIPARSPECTRA Light mount suggestions? (125gal)


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I bought some VIPARSPECTRA lights for my 125g, 3 of them to be exact, and while normally I had a canopy that I just layed them on (was 7" above the water anyways), canopy got old, wood inside is chipping away inside from nearly 10 years of humidity, and has to go. I figured I'd start from scratch with new lights too since one of them is burnt out anyways.

Anyways, where I'm stumped is; the ceiling is pretty bad for hanging its not very solid, the drywall behind the tank doesn't have many support beams (2 when I need 3 if I was to do a plant hanger/TV mount method), and I'm not particularly seeing mounting arms designed for these and the ones for other brands look like they're made for the lighter weight fixtures.

Its specifically these that I bought, they feel pretty heavy:

Looking for suggestions and ideas on how I should go about this. Was intending to go canopy-less this time.