Waiting on Apex


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Has anyone got their APEX units from a distributor yet? I ordered mine from Marine Depot and still have not received it. My 120 gallon reef build is waiting on this particular piece of equipment. I haven't been charged for it but it is somewhat annoying, and I know the moment I cancel my order w/ MD and reorder w/ Neptune it will be..... "Oh sorry we are out of stock. We sent all the remaining units to our distributors."


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I would call them i heard that they are scheduled to arrive this week at retailors.


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No word from anyone yet. My account still hasn't been debited, MD hasn't the foggiest about it's arrival. I see so many businesses that could be making some real dough if they got their stuff straight. I guess they are happy with what they have now.


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Premium Aquatics shipped mine today.

edit - sorry dup post. wish I could delete posts.

Any accessories? or just the Apex package?


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I should get mine from PA tomorrow... it shipped Friday. I talked to Jeremy and he said they didn't receive any accesories just the Apex systems.



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My MD order for the apex shipped on Friday.

Yours must be one of the eight that was shipped. I just called them and was hoping that mine was also shipped but didnt make the cut. I knew they were receiving shipment last Friday but didnt realize it was only for very few units. FYI, I ordered on 7/22. :(

To those that think I'm bashing Neptune for their service to their dealers, please dont take it as such. I know that the other post was deleted when we start to discuss this.... but Im simply stating the FACT that if I were to order directly Neptune, the unit wouldve been shipped already.

And this is not the end of the world that I dont have it yet so carry on people...