If any of you guys find a mantis like this,please contact me ASAP at asianaro2000@yahoo.com same mantis different color morphs.
I have been trying to get one for two months.I will also trade a purple mantis for it.

I posted that top picture months ago. Where did you find it? I had just caught that girl and was took a few pictures to post. She died about a month ago after I ahd her for about a year in my 20g. I think my tank crashing did her in when I was on vacation. I felt bad but 2 blue eyed crabs enjoyed eating her.
I don't have a 32W PC ballast. When I quote a price of $50 for a shrimp, that leaves me making about $5. Hardly worth my time to pack and ship. Right now I've got 2 very nice yellow P. ciliata that I would like to sell but no one seems to want them. I would sell both, with shipping, for $65. If you come across any 55W bulbs, or VHO URI bulbs I would be interested. I am also looking for a pump, something like a mag 3-5.