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Hey everybody,

I was at the lfs Saturday and mentioned to the owner about Biosystems fire. He said that he had a customer that had recently bought some pc's. He had them running for a week and came home from work one day to find flames shooting out of the canopy. It seems these particular pc's had plastic end caps instead of rubber and they melted. The owner didn't know what brand they were because the customer had mail ordered them. So beware if your pc's have plastic end caps.


I have had this happen to my DIY PCs. I have a 4 X 28 setup, and during a recent hurricane, one of my lights went out. I thought it was due to the unstable power conditions, because I heard a transformer blow moments before the light went out. When I checked the bulb, the next day, the plastic (Lights of America) socket I used had completly melted. Since that time, two other bulbs with the LOA sockets have melted as well. I replaced them with the E Gaynor sockets, and so far no problems.

In case anyone is wondering, I decided to seitch to MH lighting. :)


i recall talking to a marketing guy at PFO right before they were going to release their PC setups, and he told me that he was going to be using the LOA style sockets.. wonder if they are the ones that are having problems?

As far as them having a rubber boot or not, I know for a fact that the E.Gaynor sockets that I am using are THE EXACT SAME ONES that CSL uses. I have taken a rubber boot from CSL apart, and its the same part on the inside (still has the e.gaynor part# on it.) I would guess that these will work fine without any problems...


The quest ( and the questions) continues...
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