Water changes enough for a few LPS


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I have a 55G tank, and was wanting to get a Frogspawn, and possibly a hammer. Do you think it will be necessary for me to does dose calcium/alk? Would my 10-15G water change every 2 weeks be enough since it would only be 2 corals? I will probably use some B-Ionic if necessary, just wondering if water changes would keep the Calc/Alk up since there is not a ton of corals using it?
frogspawn and hammer corals are not that needie of calcium like sps are. so basically yes you can get by without dosing calcium but i would dose 2 part easy solution just to be safe. like you mentioned periotic water changes will replenish elements including calcium. good luck
ps just to clear up all/most corals need calcium so im just saying you could get by but any negative reaction down the road may be a good sign to start dosing calcium in some way.
Gee reefD you'r always on :), and seem to be answering all of my questions :). Obviously I don't want to dose just for the sake of dosing right? Im going to obviously get some Calc/Alk test kits when the time comes, so I guess we'll see what happnes, Im also going to get some softies as you probably remember from my thread last night (or shal I say early this morning :) which as I understand don't need Calc. and I assume by 2 part easy solution your refering to B-Ionic or equvelent right?
I have a 58G with mostly lps and softies. I dose Kent Marine Tech CB A and B. In order to keep my alk and calcium in check I have to add approx 3 capfuls of each daily. It is not that expensive and only takes a few seconds. The 2 parts are much cheaper if you buy them by the gallon or half gallon from somewhere like drsfostersmith.com or marinedepot.com.
Just wondering, I guess I'll just have to wait and see what the tests say, when the time comes, I imagine with a few Zooas, some mushrooms, and like 2 LPS, I shouldn't need to dose much if at all, but we will see.